RC Roof

Our tropical climate and torrential rainfall gives rise to an increased probability that a roof leakage will worsen or be made obvious. The increased risk of damage to property due to water seepage as a result of a failure in the waterproofing system emphasizes the need to have a high quality waterproofing system.

These waterproofing systems should be supplied from a reputable manufacturer with products that have a proven track record. After all, doing it right the first time will save much costs and emotional distress in the long run.

RC Roof (Acrylic)

Our Projects on this system:

Banyan Condominium

Capitol Theatre

Eu Yang Sang

Pacific Mansion

Queenstown Church

RC Roof (Torch-on)

Our Projects on this system:

Ang Mo Kio St 62

Derbyshire Mansion

Pandan Loop

Pasir Panjang

Queen Astrid

Ritz Mansion