Liquid Applied Coatings
New Reinforce Concrete Roof New Built-up Exposed System 5 layers acrylic (fiberglass reinforced)waterproofing membrane 3
3 layers (water-based)polyurethane and acrylic coating membrane
New Built-up Concealed System 2 layers (solvent-based) polyurethane coating membrane
4 layers (water-based) polyisoprene coating membrane
5 or 7 layers bitumen coating membrane
Wet Area and Water Retaining Structures Ground Floor Slab, Toilet, Bathroom, W.C, Yard, Kitchen, Balcony, Planters Boxes, Swimming Pool, Balancing Tank, Landscape Deck, etc,.. Flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane
Cementitious crystallization waterproofing membrane
Water-based polyisoprene coating membrane
Water-based polyurethane membrane
Solvent-based polyurethane membrane
Basement Structures Basement Wall and Floor (Internal Treatment) 1 or 2 coats water repellent
1 or 2 coats cementitious crystallization slurry
1 or 2 coats flexible cementitious membrane
Basement Wall and Floor (External Treatment) 2 layers flexible cementitious membrane
2 layers cementitious crystallization waterproofing membrane
2 or 3 coats bitumen membrane
Solvent-based polyurethane membrane
Tile Roof New and Existing Tile Roof Waterproofing System 3 or 5 layers acrylic tile roof coating (with special water seepage treatment)
Abestos Roof Abesto Roof Waterproofing System 1 layer flexible cementitious membrane (optional)
3 layers flexible acrylic roof coating
External Wall External Wall Waterproofing and Weather-proofing System 3 to 5 layers specially formulated wall coating membrane of acrylic or silicon-based composition