Metal Roof

Metal roofs are quite popular for industrial buildings where a shelter is required for protecting equipment, production areas or storage area of goods and the roof may not require placement of AHU & M&E equipment, etc.

Water leakage occurring at such buildings would definitely affect business operations. In some instances, re-roofing the metal roof may not be a viable option due to the inability to shut down operations of that building or expose the internal areas of the building to weather during major re-roofing.

Waterproofing the metal roof as opposed to re-roofing is an option for metal roofs, provided the metal roof is not overly rusted or unstable to allow human traffic on it. Through a proper inspection, identification of critical areas and selection of materials, the leakage problems can be addressed. We typically recommend a heavy bodied Acrylic System to be installed after proper surface preparation and rust treatment.

Metal Roof (Acrylic)

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